Monday, July 5, 2010

If this blog was my baby...

It clearly would be dead by now. I think its funny the last few blogs I've wrote, say the same thing, and how about I have neglected and promise to return. ALL LIES!!! LIES I TELL YOU LIESS!!!!

So much stuff has been going on in my life! I finished my semester of school with a balling gpa, my cousin got married :), and I went on vacation with my two best friends to florida! So much amazing things have happened..oh yeah and ECLIPSE!!!!!!!! So what will I start my first blog about after such a long hiatus? Well duh Eclipse! Here is how it all went down...

Picture this: Tampa Florida, 90 degrees, three best friends and realizing after waiting an entire year this is FINALLY the friggen day!

Me and my 3 best friends, getting excited for Eclipse!

So we started the day like every other day, jumping into our bathing suits, packing the cooler with Bud Light and heading down to the pool. I figured it would be a good idea to re-read Eclipse just in case I missed anything...because you know reading it 13 times...I might've missed something.

yes that is a video camera...I'm making a movie..dont judge :)

So, flash forward all the Twilight jokes, and remembering all the best lines in previous movies "they are NOT bears!" it was time to rewatch New Moon. Due to the fact we are all BROKE college students who just spent their entire life savings to roadtrip to Florida, we decided to not pay 30 dollars to rewatch Twilight and New Moon before Eclipse. So we ordered pizza, and popped in the blu ray and watched some New Moon. We wanted to leave at about 9:28 and Edward just finishing his proposal, I glanced at the clock and was like "holy shit! we have to go!" I was not ready, I ran to my suitcase grabbed some clothes changed and realized that my friend and I were wearing the same outfit. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who does this but that was my "premiere" outfit and I had that planned for quite some time, and I was NOT changing. We left..alittle late, but somehow got to the theater around 1015. I was quite excited on the way to the theater, I even had to pop an immodium just in case! NOTHING was going to keep me from seeing this movie.
pretty damned excited for this!
So we run into the theater, because the skies opened up and let the biggest rain storm I have ever seen happen. I kept telling everyone its because we have to pretend like we are in forks. Apparently my friends did not like that...oh well to each its own. (now taking applications for true Twilight friends who will laugh at my lame-o jokes) So we make it into the theater, grab some PRIME seats and wait. Luckily for my friends I came prepared. I had my pocket Edward and my Eclipse Movie guide. So we sat, sat, sat and sat some more. Finally we decided to go get some food. I scouted out an Eclipse popcorn bag AND cup and I didnt care if that would cost me what I pay for my cell phone bill each month, I was getting them! So I walk up to the counter and say, " I'll take whatever size that popcorn bag and drink are for Eclipse." The guy looked at me like I was crazy, apparently his boss did not warn him out Twihards, poor poor poor boy. So I went back to my seat and we decided 1130 would be a good time to make one more bathroom run. Pocket Edward check, popcorn and drink check, empty bladder check, upset stomach out of no where check. wait what. Yes you read that right, at about 11:55 my stomach decided they would ruin my LIFE! I ran to the bathroom and got sick. At this point I am praying to every applicable God to NOT let this be happening to me. I run back into the theater half way through previews sit down and start watching the movie! I am super pumped, I'm loving the opening scene, Edward and Bella make me want to start making out with my hand, hell even Jacob was making me laugh! I'm having a great Eclipse screening until my stomach decides to hurt again! I tried telling myself it was all in my head...well it wasn't. Now at this point I am freaking out, what part do I leave, I dont know what happens in the movie when should I leave?! Que Jacob and Bella scene, and I peaced out of that theater like I was going to DIE! I came back and found out I missed the imprinting scene, I patted myself on the back to celebrate my awesome picking of scenes to miss! (only because I am not team jacob)
So I watched the whole movie, thankfully not getting sick anymore :) Fast forward to the end credits, and everyone cheering and my best friend nearly jumping out of her seat in excitement in what she just saw. Zoom to my face...'what the fuck was that?'
Now before everyone jumps down my throat, let me make my case. First off, I was sick, so maybe I didnt enjoy it because I had to deal with that. Secondly, I went into the theater expecting what I saw in New Moon, word for word from the book. Dont get me wrong, David Slade did an awesome job directing, the chemistry between Edward and Bella the best so far, the acting was awesome, and I even enjoyed all of Jacobs scenes. So what did I have a problem with?
I felt the beginning of the movie was very choppy, and we flew through the scenes. The scenes were direct from the book but the script wasn't. (Rosenburg I may be blaming you on this) Since when did Bella like the bed? SHE HATED IT AT FIRST SHE SLEPT ON THE FOUTON! Also, when Bella first witness' Edward ripping Victoria's head off, she is afraid of Edward, well in the movie she didnt look too shaken up. Just little stuff like that really made me upset. Will I say this is the best movie of the three...yes. The best movie that followed the
So I came back home and decided to give it another shot, and I would go into it knowing not all my scenes would be in it. I enjoyed it more, still felt it was choppy but I felt like it was better. Each time I see it the movie does get better, but I still miss some of my scenes. I am pretty sure I may be the only Twihard that wasn't fainting 'omg its so amazing.' Next year I will hopefully be at the NYC screening, I was invited this year but could not go because I was in Florida. I'm hoping Bill Condon sticks to the book, because Breaking Dawn is my favorite!
Anywho, what are your thoughts?! Did you enjoy it?
leave your comments below...I have to get going my lap is on FIRE from my laptop!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The wait is over, and boy was it worth the wait

New Moon weekend is about to come to a close. We have waited through endless countdowns, spoilers, early reviewers and set stalking pictures, and we now finally were able to see the movie. What a movie it was. New Moon was one-hundred percent different than Twilight. We all knew the director Chris Weitz used a different method than Twilight’s director Catherine Hardwicke, but did I expect a movie like this? No.

Let’s start off with the obvious. Where is the acting school that the entire cast attended located? Is it up in ‘the couve’ somewhere? Wherever it is, congratulations on the amazing talent you have put on screen. I knew Kristen Stewart had it in her, I knew she had the talent I mean check out all of her movies, she is much more than stuttering and biting her bottom lip and finally through countless debates and constantly sticking up for her she did it! Although everyone’s acting skills improved I felt like hers was the most noticeable. You could feel her depression; you could see that she was literally dead inside when Edward left. The scene where the months pass by was brilliant, I have never felt so depressed or sadden in my life. My heart ached for her and I felt her pain and I hated Edward for making her and ME feel like this! Kstew did an amazing job; she took you on Bella’s emotional journey. Every girl who reads the books puts themselves as Bella and I felt in New Moon you could live through all the emotions you put yourself through. I went from happy, to sad, to happy/sad, happy, and sad and back to happy again. It was such an emotional rollercoaster but I am glad I got in line and rode it.
Although I am Team Edward the werewolves did win me over. I thought the CGI was amazing and I was scared for a little bit! By seeing the wolves on screen I was able to understand a lot more and learn more about them. As for Jacob, I will never be team Jacob BUT what I did love about seeing this movie was I was finally able to understand and feel bad for Jacob. At the end I did feel bad for him, I felt bad that he had to watch his “love” walk away and be with his enemy. After everything Bella and Edward has gone through it had to happen with Jacob and Bella. Edward left Bella in the beginning of the book, at the end of New Moon Bella “leaves” Jacob.

Some of my favorite parts were any scene with Charlie in them, the elevator ride down to see the Volturi, how the scenes transition in the garage with Jacob and Bella and the family vote. Some scenes I wish I would’ve gotten to see would be after Alice, Edward and Bella see the Volturi and wait in the waiting room, the plane rides to and from Italy and when Edward and Bella cuddle on the couch watching Romeo and Juliet. All in all though I cannot complain. The movie follows the book to a T, and the scenes that were shown were everything I imagined. I was so impressed, I have seen it twice so far and tomorrow I am going back for more. I have read some reviews that hated the movie, and I just don’t see how one could hate the movie, dislike okay maybe, but not hate.

What are your thoughts on the movie, and if you haven’t already do you plan on seeing it more than once? Email me at I’ll return to my usual blogging style soon, I just wanted to put out this review and see what you guys thought! So good mooning to all of you, and I am excited this journey finally happened! I am so happy to have had this experience for this movie, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the rest of the movies!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Final Countdown......

Here we are ladies and gents. The final countdown to New Moon. All the wait is over, well almost and I can see the finish line! This week is crazy, there are so many press appearances and photos to comb through, I'm not sure how I will ever find the time to do it! (dont fret I will find the time) I'm going to try to blog everynight this week up until the big day, and then after I will cover my events of the big day :)!!! Tomorrow I'll probably blog late because Kristen is on Conan and I'll want to do a recap. Sorry this blog is so short, but I have so much school work and Twilight work I have to get through!!!

Keep up the re-reading of New Moon and I'll see you all back here tomorrow!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dear New Paramore CD, I'm sorry I'm a month behind

What is one thing I hate?

Well besides people chewing with their mouths open, people biting their nails, complaining about their "shitty" lives, and people making fun of things I love......I hate when I fall behind on music. GOOD MUSIC!

Paramores latest album came out oh about a month ago, and although I've known of the release date for quite some time, what have I done? NOTHING. Well fear not, today I have the CD. Well, what a pity I felt for myself. I have been missing this amazing gift Hayley,Josh,Zac, Jeremy and Taylor have given their fans. I should not have expected anything less, but this is beyond words they did not let us down again. Between powerful lyrics, powerful rock chords and just an overall feelin of Pmore...they did it!

Anywho....yet other good news...LESS THAN ONE MONTH UNTIL NEW MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes Twihards, the time is here! The countdown we have all been waiting for! Eclipse wraps shooting this week, which may I add is a week earlier than expected! Also, the official Twilight Twitter released the official Eclipse logo last night. I'll take it, I'm not "omg its amazing" but its not that bad either. So what to do for this next month?

Press Time!

Kristen, Rob, Taylor, Ashley, Kellan, Nikki, Kellan, Peter and everyone else are going to be thrown ALL over this country. For the first couple of weeks of November they will be going from city to city doing press. I will keep everyone updated via twitter (hey to all my new followers!!!!) on any new dates I get. So far what we have is this...

Regis and Kelly

November 18th-Kristen Stewart

November 19th-Robert Pattinson

November 20th- Taylor Lautner

Also, Rob will be a guest again on the Ellen show. The show tapes the 17th but is set to air November 20th.

Also, if you can't wait until then...October 30th on MTV at 9pm some of the cast (rumor Kstew and Rpattz) will be doing some sort of event.

Alright this blog is boring, but very information filled! Follow me on Twitter (sara0386). Next blog will be fun...maybe I'll do something fun for the countdown until New Moon....

Ps. i think i have swine flu, not cool. I type this while having a fever and just got done throwing up. yay me! I am feeling a tiny bit better though...

pps. i dont think i have swine flu...i just like saying it.

Monday, October 19, 2009

What to Blog About today....

Someone needs to slap me into reality after viewing this picture, *slap.*

I have NO idea what to blog about today, and I am not feeling to witty. Some topics have came across my head but nothing too "omg let me run to my computer and blog" worthy. I feel like I have been out of touch with the entertainment world lately! My whole world has become school, work and Twilight, and friends..well let me rephrase that friend. I haven't watched E! news in forever, I haven't been on all my websites to see what is going on with other celebrities, as far as I am concerned they could have been all admitted to rehab this weekend and I would not know. The only thing I would know is that Kstew is NOT in rehab she just flew back to the Couve last night. Speaking of that did anyone else see the pictures? She was carrying knitting needles...and I know everyone is all " OMG kstew knits" but not me, I was like " OMG can you carry knitting needles on the plane?!" Must be nice for VIP treatment, because I'm pretty sure if I took my grandmas needles they would take them so fast!

UGH! there must be some news I can touch on, besides Kourtney Kardashians robbery....



I've really got nothing today :( I saw the new New Moon clip where Bella "slaps" aka punches Alex, let me tell you Kristen's acting so far in these clips have blown me away! Although she is my role model, and nothing she will do will ever disappoint me haha. Go check out the clip if you haven't seen it's about 15 seconds long..but its worth it. Also check out the Scream Awards on Spike TV OCtober 27th @ 10pm they will be showing another New Moon clip. I'm starting to wonder if come November 20th there will be scenes that we haven't seen or if we will have seen the whole movie by then.

Sorry for the lame post...I promise I'll be more energetic with this.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Life is so crazy

How do these bloggers do this?! Blog everyday it's insane, you can obviously see I am an epic fail at that. Between work, college and reading all my other blogs I subscribe to I find I have no time. Todays topic I would just like to lightly touch on the power house I like to call Scummit Entertainment aka Summit Entertainment. I've always kept little tabs on what they've been doing and I've let them slide with grace (well kind of) but this one really just pushed me over the edge and I'm starting to be alittle bit more vocal about this. If you guys haven't checked out the blog for Twitarded I suggest you do. This blog is for people who are over 18, and like to make fun of the life that is the Twilight Saga. On this blog we are free to make fun of the acting skills, the actors and some of the fans and/or merchandise that is out in this world. Now some may say well "when we make fun of Twilight you go all Jason on us" and yes while this is true I find this 100 percent acceptable. For a Twihard you CANT make fun of Twilight and just go on with your life, no. Us Twihards are NOT obsessed we are......protective. So on Twitarded we can make fun of the stuff you just made fun of and NOT get yelled at because well in the end if it came to winning a million dollars or meeting Robert Pattinson...we would take RPattz. We are here until the end, we're not just going to the midnight release of Twilight or New Moon, or casually bringing up anything Twilight every now and then, no we are here for good. We spend hours of our time (that we dont have) and much money (that we dont have) on this series. We blog, read other blogs, tweet, have events, and reading groups that re-read the books for the 20th time. We're dedicated. So end my rant.....back to Scummit. Recently Scummit decided to stop Twihards from purchasing Twitarded merchandise, saying something about how they own the logo or something?! I'm not going to get into the whole case you can step over to Twitardeds blog for the details, but this kind of put the cherry on the top. I clearly missed the memo that Summit is ruler of the world. Sure you scooped up the series, but let me tell you in a couple of years when you dont have the series, Rpattz, Kstew or any other of the're going to be nothing. Scummit should realize who is really keeping their business afloat during these tough economic times...thats right its us, the fans. If Scummit keeps pissing us off, we will have no problem boycotting. First its Taycob and having him reaudition, cutting Rachelle, and keeping Robsten apart, and now this attacking innocent bloggers who are really doing your work for free. I understand they may not want other people making money off of "their" franchise but let me tell you we are NOT making the millions of dollars they are. The millions of dollars that WE are giving you. Some people have already decided to only see Eclipse ONCE because of the Rachelle debacle...its not cool to mess with us. To the outside world we are insane, crazy, obsessed...but its the few hours I spend on the computer reading blogs, commenting, and having LIVE chats with other Twihards that make us realize that we are normal and the people outside dont know what its like to have a dream and passion for something. That to me is sad, so when one bigger company picks on other little independent companies, dont think people are just going to step aside. Alright. End Rant.

Sorry about all the " im going to pitch why I am a fan and why I deserve to be noticed" rant but I had to get it out...

I'm thinking about showing my blog to my friends....what do you think! I may not have followers but I see the numbers..thanks for atleast viewing my blog it means a lot to me...The viewings keep going up and I like that. Its like my secret oasis...


Monday, September 21, 2009

Just one spark starts a fire....

I'm taking a little break....I will be back....My creativity section of my brain is lacking..probably due to the amount of school work I have. Have I mentioned I hate being a business major...AHHHHH....

I will return after I punch numbers and think deeply why I took accounting this semester.