Monday, July 5, 2010

If this blog was my baby...

It clearly would be dead by now. I think its funny the last few blogs I've wrote, say the same thing, and how about I have neglected and promise to return. ALL LIES!!! LIES I TELL YOU LIESS!!!!

So much stuff has been going on in my life! I finished my semester of school with a balling gpa, my cousin got married :), and I went on vacation with my two best friends to florida! So much amazing things have happened..oh yeah and ECLIPSE!!!!!!!! So what will I start my first blog about after such a long hiatus? Well duh Eclipse! Here is how it all went down...

Picture this: Tampa Florida, 90 degrees, three best friends and realizing after waiting an entire year this is FINALLY the friggen day!

Me and my 3 best friends, getting excited for Eclipse!

So we started the day like every other day, jumping into our bathing suits, packing the cooler with Bud Light and heading down to the pool. I figured it would be a good idea to re-read Eclipse just in case I missed anything...because you know reading it 13 times...I might've missed something.

yes that is a video camera...I'm making a movie..dont judge :)

So, flash forward all the Twilight jokes, and remembering all the best lines in previous movies "they are NOT bears!" it was time to rewatch New Moon. Due to the fact we are all BROKE college students who just spent their entire life savings to roadtrip to Florida, we decided to not pay 30 dollars to rewatch Twilight and New Moon before Eclipse. So we ordered pizza, and popped in the blu ray and watched some New Moon. We wanted to leave at about 9:28 and Edward just finishing his proposal, I glanced at the clock and was like "holy shit! we have to go!" I was not ready, I ran to my suitcase grabbed some clothes changed and realized that my friend and I were wearing the same outfit. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who does this but that was my "premiere" outfit and I had that planned for quite some time, and I was NOT changing. We left..alittle late, but somehow got to the theater around 1015. I was quite excited on the way to the theater, I even had to pop an immodium just in case! NOTHING was going to keep me from seeing this movie.
pretty damned excited for this!
So we run into the theater, because the skies opened up and let the biggest rain storm I have ever seen happen. I kept telling everyone its because we have to pretend like we are in forks. Apparently my friends did not like that...oh well to each its own. (now taking applications for true Twilight friends who will laugh at my lame-o jokes) So we make it into the theater, grab some PRIME seats and wait. Luckily for my friends I came prepared. I had my pocket Edward and my Eclipse Movie guide. So we sat, sat, sat and sat some more. Finally we decided to go get some food. I scouted out an Eclipse popcorn bag AND cup and I didnt care if that would cost me what I pay for my cell phone bill each month, I was getting them! So I walk up to the counter and say, " I'll take whatever size that popcorn bag and drink are for Eclipse." The guy looked at me like I was crazy, apparently his boss did not warn him out Twihards, poor poor poor boy. So I went back to my seat and we decided 1130 would be a good time to make one more bathroom run. Pocket Edward check, popcorn and drink check, empty bladder check, upset stomach out of no where check. wait what. Yes you read that right, at about 11:55 my stomach decided they would ruin my LIFE! I ran to the bathroom and got sick. At this point I am praying to every applicable God to NOT let this be happening to me. I run back into the theater half way through previews sit down and start watching the movie! I am super pumped, I'm loving the opening scene, Edward and Bella make me want to start making out with my hand, hell even Jacob was making me laugh! I'm having a great Eclipse screening until my stomach decides to hurt again! I tried telling myself it was all in my head...well it wasn't. Now at this point I am freaking out, what part do I leave, I dont know what happens in the movie when should I leave?! Que Jacob and Bella scene, and I peaced out of that theater like I was going to DIE! I came back and found out I missed the imprinting scene, I patted myself on the back to celebrate my awesome picking of scenes to miss! (only because I am not team jacob)
So I watched the whole movie, thankfully not getting sick anymore :) Fast forward to the end credits, and everyone cheering and my best friend nearly jumping out of her seat in excitement in what she just saw. Zoom to my face...'what the fuck was that?'
Now before everyone jumps down my throat, let me make my case. First off, I was sick, so maybe I didnt enjoy it because I had to deal with that. Secondly, I went into the theater expecting what I saw in New Moon, word for word from the book. Dont get me wrong, David Slade did an awesome job directing, the chemistry between Edward and Bella the best so far, the acting was awesome, and I even enjoyed all of Jacobs scenes. So what did I have a problem with?
I felt the beginning of the movie was very choppy, and we flew through the scenes. The scenes were direct from the book but the script wasn't. (Rosenburg I may be blaming you on this) Since when did Bella like the bed? SHE HATED IT AT FIRST SHE SLEPT ON THE FOUTON! Also, when Bella first witness' Edward ripping Victoria's head off, she is afraid of Edward, well in the movie she didnt look too shaken up. Just little stuff like that really made me upset. Will I say this is the best movie of the three...yes. The best movie that followed the
So I came back home and decided to give it another shot, and I would go into it knowing not all my scenes would be in it. I enjoyed it more, still felt it was choppy but I felt like it was better. Each time I see it the movie does get better, but I still miss some of my scenes. I am pretty sure I may be the only Twihard that wasn't fainting 'omg its so amazing.' Next year I will hopefully be at the NYC screening, I was invited this year but could not go because I was in Florida. I'm hoping Bill Condon sticks to the book, because Breaking Dawn is my favorite!
Anywho, what are your thoughts?! Did you enjoy it?
leave your comments below...I have to get going my lap is on FIRE from my laptop!

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